Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upmarket Brooches

These are the first lot of brooches out of my kiln. They are especially made for the up coming Perth Upmarket. Some are crosses for Easter and doves and leaves for just because, or maybe save them up for your mum, for Mother's Day.

These ones are unglazed Southern Ice porcelain and the ones below are blue glazed Southern Ice Porcelain. (For those that don't know, Southern Ice the the yummiest, whitest, translucent porcelain)

I like the little one with the eye :)
I will be making them in lots of other colours. You will have to come and check out my stall at the Perth Upmarket to see (and buy) them.
The tiny doves are $6 each the leaves and Easter Crosses $10 each and the larger doves $12 each.

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