Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Studio Sale

I will have my studio open this Sunday (2nd May) 1-4pm. 20% off selected Eucalypt Homewares tableware. Send me an email if you would like to come
PS I am in Perth WA.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Medium Triangle Bowl

This is the last of the Eucalypt Homewares tableware forms, for the time being....
I am in the process of designing a few more smaller forms - watch this space.
The Medium Triangle Bowl is a larger version of the Triangle Bowl. I do have a much larger Triangle Bowl too, but no photograph (I only sell this extra large one from my studio or the Upmarket).
The medium triangle bowl is 70mm x 240mm and retails for $95.
This bowl is nice as a display piece and is also fully functional. A beautiful salad bowl, great for serving food at the table, like noodles, pasta, rice etc.
I have now added a selection of photos from my Eucalypt Homewares range to my blog. It shows the pieces in a variety of colours and settings.
Please contact me via email ( if you would like to make a wholesale enquiry.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This platter is a wobbly round shape with high sides. It has a smooth texture, ie no pattern. The inside is glazed clear and the outside is unglazed.
The platter's dimensions are 30mm x 310mm and retails at $60.
The platter can be used as a cake plate, it fits a 22cm cake very nicely. Display your cake on the platter and serve up the slices on the small plates.
This dish also works very well as a serving dish for meals to be served at the table. For example, an open salad, a rice dish, noodles. As it is ceramic it can be heated in the oven, so could be used to cook an apple crumble or the like. Just be careful of putting it onto too cold a surface straight out of the oven (extreme thermal shock will crack any ceramic dish in half).
Of course, being a platter it can also be used to serve dips and nibbles. It looks fab with an arrangement of the other Eucalypt Homewares bowls and plates.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Triangle Plate

The Triangle Plate has softly rounded corners in a triangular shape.

The dimensions for the triangle plate are 15mm x 240mm and retails at $30.

This plate works well in combination with all the smaller bowls and the small plate. It looks great as a display on your sideboard or buffet. It is perfect for serving your guests tapas, pre-dinner/sundowner nibbles, entree, desserts like cheesecake or tart. They work well in one colour or a range of colours on your dinning table.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Small Plate

This little plate is oval in shape and has the texture on the underside. As the texture is applied to the prototype before casting, the texture subtly comes through to the top. The thinner the plate the more pronounced the pattern. This is the case for all the Eucalypt Homewares tableware.

Slip casting is the method in which all the pieces are made. I design the prototype, making a solid and upside down version in clay. The texture is applied to the surface. It is then used to make into a plaster mould. When the mould is dry I pour liquid clay (called slip) into the mould, time it, pour it out and let it dry. The finished piece pops out, is cleaned up and glazed on the inside. I then once fire it to 1260oC.
I use an Australian casting slip called J-cast. It comes in a powdered form which I mix up and add the colour (the pieces pictured have been left white). The clear glaze is made from scratch using a recipe (like baking a cake). Basically the whole process is a one woman show. I design, make, pack, market, photograph, etc all myself (with the odd exception of my mum or friend Tanya leaning their photographic skills).

Anyway, back to this little plate...
It is 15mm x 160mm x 170mm and retails for $15.
The small plate can be used as a small dip and crackers plate with the small bowl, looks lovely with homemade rocky road on it, or any other chocys and a collect of different colours is fantastic to bring out to serve birthday cake. Actually any cake, biscuit, slice, muffin or other delight are made that extra bit more special on a "Small Plate".

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oval Bowl

The Oval Bowl is a very organic form. The top rim flows around loosely and is not parallel with the base.
The oval bowl's dimensions are 55mm x 220mm x 240mm and retails at $40.
This wide rim bowl makes a lovely salad or pasta bowl and is great for serving Indian curries and Asian Style food. It can be used as a humus and Turkish bread server (the humus is served in the small bowl and is nestled in with the bread inside the oval bowl), or wedges and chili sauce. It also looks lovely filled with water and floating candles.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Triangle Bowl

The Triangle Bowl is designed on an old gum nut I found from the Silver Princess gum tree. It was slightly weathered into a triangular shape. All the Eucalypt Homewares forms are designed on weathered gum nuts, hence the irregular organic shape of each piece.
The surface texture/decoration is either repeated gum nut wax relief pattern or a blossom flower pattern (made by impressing a handmade stamp into the wall of the prototype form).
The Triangle Bowl's dimensions are 80mm x 160mm and retails at $30.
It is a versatile bowl that can be used as a small serving dish, salad bowl, noodle bowl, soup bowl, breakfast bowl.
What better than to start your day eating your cereal from a unique handmade vessel? Or sharing a gourmet salad under a peppermint gum on a sunny day, with your favourite friends?

Friday, April 9, 2010


The Tumbler is a taller version of the round bowl.
It is 100mm x 90mm and retails at $20.
The tumbler can be used as a handle less mug for tea or coffee (you just leave a space at the top of the cup so as not to burn your fingers). It can also be used as a water or juice tumbler or even a small vase. It would also look lovely with a herb planted in it (with pebbles in the base for drainage), sitting on your kitchen windowsill to be plucked from whilst cooking.
I use one at work to drink my coffee, it is certainly different to all the other mugs in the staffroom cupboard!
The tea and coffee stains wash off very well in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Round Bowl

The Round Bowl dimensions are 65mm x 95mm and retails at $20.

It is shaped a little like a large tea cup and can be used for a number of purposes. Great for dips, nuts, olives, chocolates, mousse, green tea, and sorbet.

The round bowl works well with a set of small bowls on a platter, or in groups of different colours. It pairs nicely with the bigger triangle bowl as a lovely birthday gift.

As with all the forms it can be washed safely in the dishwasher.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Small Bowl

Over the next few days I will post an image of each one of my forms. The photos are of the white form, but each one comes in many colours.
Today's bowl is the Small Bowl.
It is 50mm x 8mm and retails for $15.
This bowl can be used for dips, nibbles, a tea-light candle holder, a trinket container, drinking espresso...
It looks lovely sitting on the triangle plate, small plate and the platter, grouped with the other bowls.
A row of small bowls filled with tea-light candles adds a beautiful ambiance to a wedding table or even your dinning room.
I used them recently to serve Turkish Coffee - yum.