Monday, April 12, 2010

Small Plate

This little plate is oval in shape and has the texture on the underside. As the texture is applied to the prototype before casting, the texture subtly comes through to the top. The thinner the plate the more pronounced the pattern. This is the case for all the Eucalypt Homewares tableware.

Slip casting is the method in which all the pieces are made. I design the prototype, making a solid and upside down version in clay. The texture is applied to the surface. It is then used to make into a plaster mould. When the mould is dry I pour liquid clay (called slip) into the mould, time it, pour it out and let it dry. The finished piece pops out, is cleaned up and glazed on the inside. I then once fire it to 1260oC.
I use an Australian casting slip called J-cast. It comes in a powdered form which I mix up and add the colour (the pieces pictured have been left white). The clear glaze is made from scratch using a recipe (like baking a cake). Basically the whole process is a one woman show. I design, make, pack, market, photograph, etc all myself (with the odd exception of my mum or friend Tanya leaning their photographic skills).

Anyway, back to this little plate...
It is 15mm x 160mm x 170mm and retails for $15.
The small plate can be used as a small dip and crackers plate with the small bowl, looks lovely with homemade rocky road on it, or any other chocys and a collect of different colours is fantastic to bring out to serve birthday cake. Actually any cake, biscuit, slice, muffin or other delight are made that extra bit more special on a "Small Plate".

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