Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Open By Appointment

Couldn't make it to the Perth Upmarket, local outlets don't have the colour you want, just want to buy from the maker?
Eucalypt Homewares is now Open By Appointment.
Please email Melanie on for an appointment.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot From the Kiln

The very last load of work for the Perth Upmarket came out of the kiln this morning.

Here are a few sneak peek photos of my new plates They are $25 each, $35 for the large one (I only made one of those).

My little girls love these new tiles I have made for children. Might have to buy a set for their room :) They are $18 each or $60 for a set of 4.

Come and see me at the Perth Upmarket tomorrow. I am in the Undercroft as you walk through one of the doors.

Perth Upmarket

Winthrop Hall, UWA

Sunday 28th March

10am - 4pm

See you there!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creative Overflow

After the big storm on Monday our internet has been a tad intermitent. But as that is all I can complain about, I won't! I did try to post this last night...

These are the rest of Wednesday Clay Class garden murals. For a tour... The one above is Meaghan's and the one below is Wendy's (one of three Wendys). Meaghan hand craved a number of lino stamps and glazed them with a beautiful sea green glaze. Wendy made her house number (I don't think I have it in the correct order). It looks very effective.
This is (one of the other) Wendy's, made with lino cut stamps and brushing stain into the design with clear glaze over the top.

Tanya made two plaster moulds and produced a number to tiles that she added threads and fabric to give texture.

Jaye hand built hers as well as making a lino stamp.

Yvonne also made a plaster mould and used BRT clay to give the lovely rustic look.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clever Students

A sample of two clay class garden murals from Wednesday class.

These two tile panels are made by sisters, Louise and Rachel. They have a lovely antique look to them. More photos to follow....

I have just finished sewing the hems on these fish cushions, made by my year 8 students from Somerville Baptist College. They used the lino cuts to impress into clay tiles as well as print on the backs of the cushions. They make a beautiful bright collection.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Turkish Delights

We had a progressive dinner last night. Oh what fun! Three couples, three countries, three courses, dress ups, house decorating and plate making.

I was on dessert: Spiced peaches and apricots with homemade vanilla ice cream. I dug out our wedding table runners and leftover invitation cards to use as menus. The design so happened to be of an Ottoman tile - delicious!!!!

We used my small bowls as candle glow bowls and Turkish coffee cups, served with, of course, Turkish Delights.

I was so inspired that I decided to make some dessert plates to serve on.

The first batch (after many struggles with cracking) are photographed here for the dinner party and given to the guests after.

The second batch are waiting to be fired for the Perth Upmaket, happening next Sunday. I have used these lovely stamps as well as my own hand carved stamps to decorate them.
They will be $25 each for this size.
Perth Upmarket - Winthrop Hall, UWA Sunday 28th March 10-4pm

Birthday Delights

My daughter, Sunni is about to turn 14 and to celebrate she had a slumber party on Friday night. I baked her a pink marble cake, smothered in milk chocolate ganache and maltesers.

It was pretty in pink on my pink platter and pink, white and lime small plates.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Laura McKibbon

Today I partook in a print on clay work shop at SODA studios with Laura McKibbon. It was lots of fun and I learnt a few new printing techniques. I hope to share them with my students, both teen and adult soon....

Thanks Laura!


It is taking quite a few firings to get through all my students work (coupled with firing my work for the market and orders)

Here are the results from the completed murals. this one is Louise's, it is a combination of the WA swan and the Yorkshire Rose.
Angus experimented with mark making in clay.

John (my dad) made tiles with a gecko that will be adhered once the tiles are grouted in place.

Kerry had a large mural made of tiles pressed with lino cuts and glazed with three colours.

Jocelyn made a lino cut of a scene from a Greek Island.

This is Angus' beach scene.

Watch this space for the other murals....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upmarket Brooches

These are the first lot of brooches out of my kiln. They are especially made for the up coming Perth Upmarket. Some are crosses for Easter and doves and leaves for just because, or maybe save them up for your mum, for Mother's Day.

These ones are unglazed Southern Ice porcelain and the ones below are blue glazed Southern Ice Porcelain. (For those that don't know, Southern Ice the the yummiest, whitest, translucent porcelain)

I like the little one with the eye :)
I will be making them in lots of other colours. You will have to come and check out my stall at the Perth Upmarket to see (and buy) them.
The tiny doves are $6 each the leaves and Easter Crosses $10 each and the larger doves $12 each.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aspects of Kings Park

Just a quick word, to say these colours will be available from Aspects of Kings Park very soon...

They are Blue, blue/black, chocolate, peacock and white.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ceramics @ Somerville

This year I am teaching art at Somerville Baptist College two days a week. I have two ceramic classes, year 9's and year 10's. Here is some of the work they are doing this term.

The year 10's are slip casting. They made a prototype bowl which was cast in plaster. This is the first lot of bowls from their moulds.

The plan is to decorate each bowl using a different decorating technique. This week was tissue transfer.
They are pretty lucky to learn slip casting, as they wouldn't have the opportunity until TAFE or Uni ordinarily.
They are learning that it is harder than it looks and the rims crack really easily, but it is fun, fun, fun! I think their efforts are wonderful (do I sound a little proud?)

Talking of proud. How are these lovely Fleur Schell inspired hand built mugs? The year 9's have been having a ball making these. What do you think Fleur?

More Clay Class Photos

Well, we are getting to the pointy end of the clay classes.

And what wonderful work everyone is producing!

These are all at the pre-firing stage i.e. they are dry and brittle, but not fired.

It will be fun to see them all finished with glaze.

This one has a third tile as the top and is one of three panels.

These clay "icing" flowers are part of the tile project below. Oh so beautiful!

They have promised me photos when they are installed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Autumn Colours

Today I was asked for some images of my new works. So I thought I had better take some!

I think these colours are lovely autumn and winter tones.
The platter can be used for a 22cm round cake, a Tapas or dip plate and looks fab as a serving dish for a couscous and roast vege salad.

Market To Market

Only four Sundays 'til Market day. I have been running the kiln hot to get work ready.

This is a new tile design, framed in white. I will only have a few of these at the market.

See, I have been busy... My plan is to have all the work ready a few weeks prior to the market so I can concentrate on my biggest and littlest birthday girls. Sunni turns 14 and Tessa 2.

I have partially made these itsy bitsy brooches. They are made from the most beautiful soft and white Southern Ice porcelain. I will glaze them in lots of colours as well as leaving some polished white.

Perth UpMarket is one week before Easter, so I have made some porcelain cross brooches. There may even be some other Easter goodies for sale. My bowls make lovely chocolate egg filled Easter gifts...

Also featuring this market are my new look herb labels - see the sneak preview.