Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creative Overflow

After the big storm on Monday our internet has been a tad intermitent. But as that is all I can complain about, I won't! I did try to post this last night...

These are the rest of Wednesday Clay Class garden murals. For a tour... The one above is Meaghan's and the one below is Wendy's (one of three Wendys). Meaghan hand craved a number of lino stamps and glazed them with a beautiful sea green glaze. Wendy made her house number (I don't think I have it in the correct order). It looks very effective.
This is (one of the other) Wendy's, made with lino cut stamps and brushing stain into the design with clear glaze over the top.

Tanya made two plaster moulds and produced a number to tiles that she added threads and fabric to give texture.

Jaye hand built hers as well as making a lino stamp.

Yvonne also made a plaster mould and used BRT clay to give the lovely rustic look.

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