Friday, March 5, 2010

Ceramics @ Somerville

This year I am teaching art at Somerville Baptist College two days a week. I have two ceramic classes, year 9's and year 10's. Here is some of the work they are doing this term.

The year 10's are slip casting. They made a prototype bowl which was cast in plaster. This is the first lot of bowls from their moulds.

The plan is to decorate each bowl using a different decorating technique. This week was tissue transfer.
They are pretty lucky to learn slip casting, as they wouldn't have the opportunity until TAFE or Uni ordinarily.
They are learning that it is harder than it looks and the rims crack really easily, but it is fun, fun, fun! I think their efforts are wonderful (do I sound a little proud?)

Talking of proud. How are these lovely Fleur Schell inspired hand built mugs? The year 9's have been having a ball making these. What do you think Fleur?

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