Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here are some things I can make for weddings.

The "Small Bowls" look beautiful lined up on a wedding table alight with tea-light candles. They make nice gifts for the guests too.

Hand cut dove (or other shape) decorations make pretty bonbonnieres. The guests will remember the wedding every Christmas as they hang the decoration on their tree.

The Christmas decorations also work well as a special corporate Christmas gifts. This year I am making cut-out stars, doves, reindeer and angles in white, red or green.
Feel free to email me on for enquires.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Clay & Cloth

I have gotten a bit carried away with the number of photos posted here, but I couldn't help myself!

My friend Tanya, from Old Grey House, and I have been busy over the last few days photographing our work. We think the clay and cloth work very well together and hope the images tell a visual story.

I hope you enjoy the photos. We certainly had a blast taking them.

Treasured Hats

My little girls love their hats from Little Babushkas so much that they wear them almost every day!

They are most treasured hats! Thanks Frankie and Ces :)

You can find Little Babushkas at the Perth Upmarket.


The winter Perth Upmarket was fantastic! Here are a couple of photos of my stall.

They were taken before the people came in. It was soooooo busy that I wouldn't have been able to take any photos during opening time.

Thank you to every one who came to make the day so successful.