Friday, July 16, 2010

Clay & Cloth

I have gotten a bit carried away with the number of photos posted here, but I couldn't help myself!

My friend Tanya, from Old Grey House, and I have been busy over the last few days photographing our work. We think the clay and cloth work very well together and hope the images tell a visual story.

I hope you enjoy the photos. We certainly had a blast taking them.


  1. These photos are beautiful and of course so is the cloth and clay:)

    I'm glad you took so many photos.

  2. Hi Melanie,

    I came across your blog via the Perth Upmarket email newsletter - just wondering if you'll be making / selling the leaf fabric in the hoops ?

    Do you design the fabric ? It caught my eye in your photos !

    Katherine at The Savannah Room x

  3. Hi Katherine, the fabric is designed by tanya from Old Grey House. If you click on that name in the post it will take you to her blog :)
    mel x