Saturday, April 10, 2010

Triangle Bowl

The Triangle Bowl is designed on an old gum nut I found from the Silver Princess gum tree. It was slightly weathered into a triangular shape. All the Eucalypt Homewares forms are designed on weathered gum nuts, hence the irregular organic shape of each piece.
The surface texture/decoration is either repeated gum nut wax relief pattern or a blossom flower pattern (made by impressing a handmade stamp into the wall of the prototype form).
The Triangle Bowl's dimensions are 80mm x 160mm and retails at $30.
It is a versatile bowl that can be used as a small serving dish, salad bowl, noodle bowl, soup bowl, breakfast bowl.
What better than to start your day eating your cereal from a unique handmade vessel? Or sharing a gourmet salad under a peppermint gum on a sunny day, with your favourite friends?

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