Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This platter is a wobbly round shape with high sides. It has a smooth texture, ie no pattern. The inside is glazed clear and the outside is unglazed.
The platter's dimensions are 30mm x 310mm and retails at $60.
The platter can be used as a cake plate, it fits a 22cm cake very nicely. Display your cake on the platter and serve up the slices on the small plates.
This dish also works very well as a serving dish for meals to be served at the table. For example, an open salad, a rice dish, noodles. As it is ceramic it can be heated in the oven, so could be used to cook an apple crumble or the like. Just be careful of putting it onto too cold a surface straight out of the oven (extreme thermal shock will crack any ceramic dish in half).
Of course, being a platter it can also be used to serve dips and nibbles. It looks fab with an arrangement of the other Eucalypt Homewares bowls and plates.

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