Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cracking The Kiln

"Cracking the kiln" means to open the kiln just a crack to help cool down the kiln before emptying it. There are different schools of thought as to when to do this. If cracked too early you can loose all your work to thermal shock. However, when in a rush to get the kiln unloaded, one some times takes risks...

The "Cracked Kiln"
 Luckily for me, this was no such circumstance. Phew!

When cracking the kiln there is a sense of thrill as well as dread, what will the kiln hold? A trove of treasures or cracked rubbish?

Today the kiln holds goodies for the up coming Perth Upmarket. Below are photos of said treasures - no cracks!!!

Herb Labels
Black Bowls and Tumblers


Trinket Boxes

Work waiting to be sanded
Hope to see you at the Upmaket, this Sunday @ UWA 10am - 4pm


  1. Hello Melanie! I've just found your work via the Australian Ceramics Association! Everything is so beautiful and inspiring! I'm sad we're on opposite sides of the country, I would love to visit you and your studio :) you've got a new follower!

  2. Hi Melanie, I too have just surfed over from the Australian Ceramics Facebook page. Wonderful use of tissue prints in your work. Like Katy I'm on the East Coast so will just have to follow and be inspired :^)

  3. Nice to hear from you both! You are always welcome to visit me in my studio when you are next in Perth :) good excuse for a holiday..