Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weddding Inspirations

Eucalypt Homewares will be at the inaugural Wedding Upmarket held at Mosmans restaurant Saturday 13th August. Attendees will be able to purchase an order product for their special day. Here are a few ideas or inspirations to get your imagination flowing...

Inspiration 1: Request Eucalypt Homewares vouchers as gifts from your guests. Use the collection of vouchers to order a dinner set directly from the Eucalypt Homewares Studio.

Inspiration 2: Pretty porcelain decorations can be used to add a splash of colour on your wedding tables and can have the dual use as a place-name (names applied with a clear printable and removable sticker). These lovely decorations come in flying dove, nesting dove and love heart. Your Guests can hang them in their house as a reminder of you special occasion.

Inspiration 3: These little bowls look very pretty grouped on a table with tea lights aglow. Just perfect for creating the right ambiance for your wedding reception (or dinner party). They come in Floralware as well as a tonal range of colours to match your wedding decor.
Inspiration 4: Serve your spectacular wedding cake on Eucalypt Homewares organic cake plates (available in a large range of colours). Then perhaps gift them to your guests as a thank you after the reception?

 Inspiration 5: Floralware vases filled with flowers create a sense of opulence in your wedding venue; the church, the reception, on your wedding tables and in your home. Display them on the bridal table, the cake table, the gift table or even on each guest table.

 Inspiration 6: Porcelain trinket boxes and porcelain dress rings make thoughtful gifts to say thank you to your bridesmaids.

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