Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Studio Ground Work

Today was a day of "studio ground work". Next term I am running a coil bowl clay class. So I spent some time today making a coil bowl using the coil bowl I made a couple of years ago as an armature.

 It is extremely therapeutic to roll coils. The goal is to roll them all the same thickness to create even walls of the bowl. They are joined on the inside, being careful not to squash each coil too much so as not to lose the definition on the exterior.
 This photo is of the (almost) finished bowl, upside down of course. Tomorrow it will be dry enough to turn over....
Oh, the other thing I did today (ie 90% of the day) was to re-make the prototypes of all my moulds. Here they are under wraps, as they will stay until ready to show in their finished form.....

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