Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunni's Cakes

I know you are not meant to boast about your children, but what can I say I'm a proud mother :)
My daughter, Sunni, who is 13, is the most amazing cook. Even before Master Chief hit our TV screens.

She usually cooks up a storm in the kitchen making something yummy for her to take to school for morning tea. She does tend to hide her goodies so she doesn't have to share - a symptom of a large family.
Recently she cooked some choc chip butterfly cakes and we where allowed to eat them - yummo!
Before we ate them I chooffed them off to the studio to take a couple of snaps with my pink, yellow and blue plates and bowls.

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  1. Dear Melanie, I'm so glad that you star blogging. I found your wonderful work through designbloom and as from first sight I'm in love with your products. Months ago I wrote about you on my blog. The plates and bowls are just beautiful. I'm looking forward to see your posts.