Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New photos

Last week, before my kid's got sick, my friend Tanya took these great photos of my work. I am very excited to show them off. I hope to use them on my website once I finish organising all the images etc. My lovely sister, Simone, is going to refresh my site for me. It's quite a lot of work getting all the images ready (my job) and then uploading them (Simone's job). What I'm trying to say is it could be a while before it's done.
Meanwhile, here's a taster...
These are some of my Christmas decorations. They are made with Southern Ice porcelain and glazed in either clear, green or red translucent glaze.

This image shows the relative size of my plates, bowls and platter with a 22cm cake in the platter.

The cake was quite yummy. After Tanya had taken lots of photos of it whole, we ate some. It was pistachio nut with honey and orange syrup. I am a bit nuts for syrup cakes. They are easy to make and are moist and very tasty. (Perhaps I should have my breakfast now, feeling a bit hungry!)

A stack of round bowls, these are about 7cm tall and can be used as a cup, dip bowl, sorbet/ice cream bowl, candle glow bowl...

This is my favourite shot. I want some cake now!

Here are an ensemble of round bowls, tumblers, triangle bowls and oval bowls in pink, light pink, white and lime.

The taller pieces in the back are tumblers, great for drinking tea or coffee.
The colours here are chocolate, peacock, yellow and white.

Thanks Tanya!!!

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