Thursday, July 9, 2009

Handprint Tiles

I was going to be pressing some little peoples hands into clay today. But my littlest is sick with a tummy bug. She has either been stuck to my knee or asleep - very unlike her.
Here are some photos of my hand print tiles. I do them for children and babies. My nephew had his done when one day old. I used to make frames but woodwork is not really area of expertise. Besides you can purchase much better (and cheaper) frames from Ikea!

Last year I made a tile mural from all the kids hand prints at our playgroup and Sunday Club. It has been bolted in two panels on the exterior walls of the playgroup/church.

Here is how I do it...

Firstly, I roll and cut a tile from wet white clay (the softer the better for a good print).

I press the child's hand or feet or both, if little enough into the clay.

Years ago I hand made lower case letter stamps. They have become very handy for naming these tiles. I also stamp in the year.
Once dry I glaze in bright colours and once fire to 1260*C

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