Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday Clay Workshops

It was stinking hot in the studio last night. Not only from the hot, humid day we had, but I (very meanly) had the kiln on. I had to steal my daughter's fan so we didn't die. She was none too pleased either.

As promised, here are some progress photos from the classes.

This is my Dad, he is making a gecko to sit over the top of his tiles.

A selection of people and their tiles.

As you can see everyone is producing quite different tiles using a variety of techniques.

They are lino cut, hand painted, stamped with hand made stamps, wax resisted, carved, sprinkled with sand and Kimberly dirt... You name it, it's happening.

Everyone was very busy last night as we only have a couple more weeks of making before we have to glaze.

The tiles below are dry and waiting to be cleaned up before glazing.

I will post photos of the other group next week.

Monday, February 22, 2010

First of Many

Today was the first of many kiln openings for the year.
It is always a tad nerve racking as so much work goes into making the pieces.

Here are a few shots of the gems inside. The photos have been taken in my studio, so I apologise for the dodgy backgrounds.

I fired three colours: white, yellow and black. Black is quite a new colour, this is only the second time I have cast it. It is a blue black rather than a true black. I quite like it though.

Here is the black platter with a yellow and white tumbler.

A stack of white round bowls.

The flower print tumbler in black, yellow and white.

I tested my new tile design for children's rooms. I plan on making a set of four animals; a bird, an elephant, a hippo and a giraffe - I think...

Two tiny baby hands. One was a month old and the other only six days old, so cute!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010, here we come...

The holidays are over and it has been a busy start to the year. One kid in high school, one in year one, one at 3 year old kindy and the last one turning 2 years old next month. We are all getting used to the new routine that is for the new year.

I resumed teaching at Somerville Baptist College with five classes of great kids. I think it is going to be a good year! Two of my classes are ceramic classes. We will be making lots of fun stuff like, slip cast bowls, Fleur Schell inspired mugs, a mural, smoking dragons and more. One class is making crazy felt chooks with ceramic hand painted eggs and basket woven nests.

My adult clay workshops are also up and running. We are making tiled garden wall features. It is a very open brief so I have 15 students all making something different (I am running two classes this term due to demand). It will be wonderful to see them all finished. I will post photos later.

I have a new client for my Eucalypt Homewares tableware. A new shop opening soon in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Made By Others is the shop. Perth Up Market is not far away either, so the studio has called!

It has been a very industrious weekend. Braving the steaming studio (both the weather and the kiln adding to the ambiance of the space!) I have cast three colours in a day and a half. The hot weather is a help as well as a hindrance as it speeds up the drying of my moulds.

I would be out there now but even I can't handle 37*C days in the studio. Tomorrow should be a little cooler, so after a coffee with the year one mums, here I come studio...