Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday Clay Workshops

It was stinking hot in the studio last night. Not only from the hot, humid day we had, but I (very meanly) had the kiln on. I had to steal my daughter's fan so we didn't die. She was none too pleased either.

As promised, here are some progress photos from the classes.

This is my Dad, he is making a gecko to sit over the top of his tiles.

A selection of people and their tiles.

As you can see everyone is producing quite different tiles using a variety of techniques.

They are lino cut, hand painted, stamped with hand made stamps, wax resisted, carved, sprinkled with sand and Kimberly dirt... You name it, it's happening.

Everyone was very busy last night as we only have a couple more weeks of making before we have to glaze.

The tiles below are dry and waiting to be cleaned up before glazing.

I will post photos of the other group next week.

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