Monday, February 22, 2010

First of Many

Today was the first of many kiln openings for the year.
It is always a tad nerve racking as so much work goes into making the pieces.

Here are a few shots of the gems inside. The photos have been taken in my studio, so I apologise for the dodgy backgrounds.

I fired three colours: white, yellow and black. Black is quite a new colour, this is only the second time I have cast it. It is a blue black rather than a true black. I quite like it though.

Here is the black platter with a yellow and white tumbler.

A stack of white round bowls.

The flower print tumbler in black, yellow and white.

I tested my new tile design for children's rooms. I plan on making a set of four animals; a bird, an elephant, a hippo and a giraffe - I think...

Two tiny baby hands. One was a month old and the other only six days old, so cute!


  1. the tiles are beautiful, what a wonderful keepsake with the little hand and footprints in it, and most probably what a stressful firing for you incase something went wrong!

    looking forward to seeing some progress photos of your students work, one day if i am ever living in perth as opposed to the wheatbelt i would love to come and take one of your classes!

  2. Thanks Megan, I will put the camera in the studio now - ready for classes tonight!