Monday, November 23, 2009

Studio update

This is the line up for the second last firing before the Perth Upmarket this coming Sunday.

It always amazes me to see all the work spread out on the table for glazing to find that it all fits in the kiln. I not only squeezed in all these bowls and plates, but truck loads of Christmas decorations - they fit in the cracks.

I had a big scare last week when my kiln showed a reading of EEEE and not working! Thanks to the guys at Kiln West they had it fixed that day XXXX. Phew! I mean, why couldn't it break next week?

Here is my little Eve with her precious bowls (don't worry they are all seconds with cracks in the rims). She doesn't ever break them as she is very careful. They get filled with bits and bobs from the studio, lined up in colours along with endless chatter about how "Mummy gave me pink bowl" She announced that the studio was hers too, not too sure about that one, Eve. I reserve the right to kick out any overbearing children when I am stressed!

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