Saturday, November 21, 2009

Teacher's Tiles

Yesterday, the girls and I spent the afternoon with the staff from Ardross Primary school.

They were painting their design on a tile for the school Heritage Mural.

Here are some of the finished products. They did very well, after the usual banter about not being artistic, they all out did themselves.

The swan with a football (not sure of the heritage link here) is the Principal's tile. I'm pretty sure the art teacher may have helped him...

Their brief was to design a tile that had relevance to their personal heritage. As many people couldn't be there others copied their designs or hand print onto the tile. The lion share of the work was done by Cath Bishop. Cath was the instigator of this project. It has been a wonderful project with lots of discussion and research on heritage. Thanks, Cath.
I think the group was surprised to hold so many budding artists. Well done everyone.

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