Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Beautiful Magazine

A few weeks ago I was very excited to have a journalist, stylist and a photographer from Home Beautiful Magazine, visit my studio.

The day started out worrying about what to wear and how to do my hair, then tearing around madly tidying up the studio, making lunches and dropping kids to school...phew!

I had a delightful morning with Jess, Jo and Jody. Chatting about how I started my business, tinkering in the studio to get the best angle and light and posing (somewhat awkwardly) for the photos. They feel in love with my studio bunny (actually he really belongs to one of my little girls, but he likes to hang out with me in my studio) and had many kind things to say about my work.

I didn't know which edition the feature would be in, so I just had to wait...

While on holiday in  Rottnest last week, I received a txt photo from my friend, excitedly announcing the latest edition was out with my article...

Here is a snap of two of the pages from the May edition where I'm featured. Pretty happy from this end!!!!


  1. Your work is really lovely - I visited your blog and your website after reading about your ceramics in Home Beautiful. I wish I could get more of your work over here in Queensland. I'll check out Victor Scott here in Brisbane this week. I'll have to make sure I visit when I come over to WA later in the year to see my brother.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    I too live in QLD and I bought Home Beautiful and so loved your work. I also am a Mum to four children and my dream is to have a business in ceramics. I've been dappling in it for years but only through casual classes. Do you have any advice on how I get started in ceramics as a profession. I currently work part time in an unrelated career but would love some advice on how to transition to a full time ceramicist. Your pics in the mag look great and the editorial read really well. You should be very proud. June.