Monday, March 14, 2011

Slip-casting Clay Classes

This term I ran three slip-casting workshops in my studio. It is almost the end of the classes, with one class ready to pick up their work and two classes glazing this week.

This is John's set of slip-cast bowls (I must confess John is my dad - I think he did beautiful job!).
Each person designed their own bowl, then made a plaster mould from the prototype. They then cast four bowls and used a different decoration technique on each one. Voila, a set of cute little bowls all the same, but different!
This term was certainly a family affair, Tuesday night Classes with my dad, sister and sister's boyfriend. Certainly lends for a bit of banter in the class :)
Above are my sister, Chelsea's lino-cut drink coasters.

One more photo of the Tuesday night bowls. I hope everyone had lots of fun! They certainly made some lovely bowls.
Should have photos of the the other night's bowls next week...

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