Monday, December 7, 2009

Bazaar 09

Two entries in one day! I thought last week was busy, but at least I still had time to blog about it! This week has been so crammed full of studio time that if it wasn't for my husband and daughter helping around the house, things would be in a bad way around here! I managed to finish the reports for school, produce another 200 Christmas decorations, have my hair cut, attend the playgroup committee wind up, finish the Ardross tiles, grout the pre-primary tiles (with some mums from school), glaze and fire the pre-primary angels, re-number work for bazaar (thanks to mum), set up for Bazaar, spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Bazaar, string up 200 decorations (up to 1am Friday night with David), throw, turn and handle 39 mugs and and and... Anyway here are some photos of the bazaar set up.
Fleur Schell setting up the Christmas tree.

Alana McVeigh setting up part of the stall.

Rachel Zimmerman setting up her paper cut outs and dolls.

The SODA stall at Fremantle bazaar.
We had a great weekend. Thank you to all our wonderful customers.

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  1. Thankyou, Fleur, Lani and Rachel for a fab weekend - let's do it again next year!!! Mel x