Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time, it flies!

How time flies. It is already a week since the last Perth Upmarket. All that build up and preparation and poof, it's all over and on to the next thing (which was Eve's 3rd birthday party, today and point in hand that is over too. Two and a half hours of kids, craft and cake with a BBQ lunch. The forecast shower happened 1/2 hour before the party and was sunny for the rest, phew)

The Perth Upmarket was great. So many people know about it now and it was crazy busy all day.

Here's a tour around my stall...
Hand print tiles displayed as people come in the room. I don't sell them from the stall but people take fliers book appointments later.

I have a row of small items like the herb labels, buttons and coasters.

Next a small selection of Christmas decorations, which were very popular. I will have lots and lots of these for the Christmas market.
I have the tableware set up in colours. Blues and greens first...

There is a cabinet of pinks, whites and yellows with the really big pink bowl. Lots of people are attracted to the stall because of this bowl.

The easel holds a selection of children's tiles frames in white.

People are often drawn to the stall by the pinks but then exclaim when they see the browns.
I like watching the people walk around and try to guess by their clothes what colours from my stall they would like in their home.

Well, three more months until the next Upmarket. I bet that flies too.

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