Thursday, August 13, 2009

Primary school mural

I am working with a local primary school to make a 400 tile mural. The school has 54 different nationalities so it is an international theme we are working with.
The Young children are pressing their hands in the tiles as a representation of welcoming, unity and inclusiveness . The older children will be painting their designs on the tiles. Each class has a different sub-theme. Sport, clothes, flags, language, music, animals and Australian flora are the themes.
I started with the pre-primary kids. The photos are of the hand pressing and name stamping.

I made a set of ceramic lower case letters many years ago. Because they are hand carved they are different sizes and look a bit like kids writing, so perfect for this project.

My clay class students are starting to make the clocks they designed.
Everyone has come up with individual and interesting designs. I can't wait to see them finished.
Here is an image of Kerry's clock under construction.

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